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SORRY, A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE STILL HAVING TROUBLE REACHING INSTAPUNDIT AND PJ MEDIA. To respond to the DDOS attack, which is still ongoing, they’ve blocked huge ranges of (mostly foreign) IP addresses and are gradually opening them back up. Some US addresses are affected too. There should be a better solution in place soon, but in the meantime you might try clearing your DNS cache, or just using a new browser. That’s working for a lot of people.


IF YOU’RE TRYING TO ACCESS INSTAPUNDIT OR PJ MEDIA and not getting anywhere, it’s because both sites have been under a two-day DDOS attack. Requests from most non-US/Canada locations were blocked. This is gradually being opened up as the tech guys get a handle on it. Sorry — I should have posted this sooner but I didn’t think it would take this long to resolve.

YES, INSTAPUNDIT IS DOWN. They’re trying to reboot the servers now, but if it’s still down this afternoon I’ll start posting here.

THIS SITE IS THE BACKUP IF INSTAPUNDIT IS DOWN, so you might want to bookmark it.

PEW: A January 2013 survey finds only about a quarter (26%) saying they can trust the government always or most of the time, while nearly three-quarters (73%) say that they can trust government only some of the time, or volunteer that they can never trust the government. “Majorities across all partisan and demographic groups express little or no trust in government.”

Well, that’s the subject of my USA Today column today.

ERICK ERICKSON: Dear @HowardKurtz et al, Let Me Explain Why Conservatives Hate The Press Corps With One Easy Example.

YA THINK? North Korean Nuke Test Seems Timed To Upstage Obama’s State Of The Union. It certainly makes the “ending ten years of war” theme ring kind of hollow.

YES, INSTAPUNDIT’S DOWN. No, I don’t know why. I assume it’ll be up soon.

Meanwhile, some cool pics of actor Seth Green on the Rotary Rocket at Mojave.

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If they don’t get InstaPundit fixed soon, I’ll start blogging over here.

Technical Difficulties Again

YEAH, INSTAPUNDIT’S DOWN AT THE MOMENT. Some sort of server glitch. If it stays down too long I’ll start blogging here, but it’ll probably be fixed soon.

Technical Difficulties

YES, INSTAPUNDIT IS CURRENTLY DOWN. They’re working on it. If they don’t get it fixed soon, I’ll start blogging over here, but they usually resolve these things pretty quickly.

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